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May 24, 2016 12:21
Simple tips to get rid of stomach bloating

A condition where stomach feels gaseous and uncomfortably full is called abdominal bloating, which is even visibly distended or swollen. There are many reasons for having a bloated stomach and few simple tips could help you get rid of stomach bloating and lose excess weight.

- Usually, bloated belly follows a heavy meal. Many people think bloated belly occurs because of building up of gas in the digestive system.

- Reasons why people feel always bloated are insufficient water consumption, excess consumption of beverages and alcohol.

- It is essential to drink adequate water all through the day.

- Avoid to coffee too many times a day. It is good to avoid alcohol.

- When you consumes alcohol, drink more water.

- Constipation is another cause of abdominal bloating.

- In case you are suffering from constipation, add fiber to diet. How ever, you do not need to load your diet with fiber.

- Adding to much fiber could be associated with other problems.

- It is better to add foods like berries, bread and smoothies.

- Stress also adds to bloated belly. So avoid being too stressed.

- Eating fast is not a good habit. Eating too fast will slow down the body process, resulting in a bloated belly. All you need to do is eat slowly in small bites.

- Consumption of too much carbohydrates could ass to belly bloating. So replace sugar and alcohol with vegetables and fruits.

- Sumana

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