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  • indian ambassador to us, Congressional Indian caucus, indian diplomat harsh shringla lauds india caucus for boosting indian american ties, Capitol hill

    Indian Diplomat Harsh Shringla Lauds India Caucus for Boosting Indian-American Ties 2019-02-08 07:40:48

    An Indian diplomat and current Indian Ambassador to the United States Harsh Vardhan Shringla has lauded the role of powerful Congressional Indian caucus strengthening and deepening India-U.S. ties. Speaking at a Congressional Reception at Capitol Hill on Thursday evening hosted...

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    national emergency trump, what happens during a national emergency, donald trump declares national emergency to build border wall, Capitol hill

    Donald Trump Declares National Emergency to Build Border Wall 2019-02-16 05:17:12

    President Donald Trump on Friday declared a national emergency in order to unlock billions of dollars of federal money to build a wall along the United States-Mexico border. The move, according to Trump, is essential to prevent the country from...

    Keywords: US Mexico border wall, what happens in a national emergency, national emergency in US, national emergency declared by the president

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    Christians in US, Narendra Modi on Hindutva Extremism, u s activists urge modi to curb rise of hindutva extremism, Capitol hill

    U.S. Activists Urge Modi to Curb Rise of Hindutva Extremism 2018-12-03 12:47:46

    Religious freedom groups and activists in the United States have urged Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi to take all necessary measures to restrain the rise of Hindutva extremism and penalize groups involved in violence against religious minorities in the...

    Keywords: Swett, Modi, Narendra Modi on Hindutva Extremism, Swett

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    AAPI, healthcare, aapi meet on capitol hill brings to fore immigration reform healthcare, Capitol hill

    AAPI Meet on Capitol Hill Brings to Fore Immigration Reform, Healthcare 2019-05-04 11:30:20

    Immigration reform and healthcare topped the agenda at the 2019 Legislative Day meet hosted by the American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI) on Capitol Hill. Healthcare has been the center of the national debate, especially after the Trump...

    Keywords: AAPI Meet, AAPI meet in capitol hill, AAPI, AAPI

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    Bhagavad Gita, Ilhan Omar, record 102 women sworn into u s house of representatives, Capitol hill

    Record 102 Women Sworn into U.S. House of Representatives 2019-01-05 04:34:53

    On the first working day of the 116th Congress, a record of 102 women was sworn into the United States House of Representatives as Democrats regained control of the lower chamber for the first time in eight years. An Indian...

    Keywords: Bhagavad Gita, 116th congress calendar, tulsi gabbard, Pramila Jayapal

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    Trump, Trumps, trumps pay last respect to late president bush at u s capitol, Capitol hill

    Trumps Pay Last Respect to Late President Bush at U.S. Capitol 2018-12-04 12:56:17

    The United States President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump paid their respects on Monday to late president George H W Bush, whose remains lay in state in the U.S. Capitol. The Trumps made a brief visit to the...

    Keywords: white house, Trumps, Trump, Trump pays last respect to Bush

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