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  • Aries

    Aries ( Mar 21 - Apr 19 )

    You reap what you sow, and today shows the world exactly what you've sown. If you've been good la

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  • Taurus

    Taurus ( Apr 20 - May 20 )

    You and a friend are thinking along the same lines, so keep pushing toward the next big project y

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  • Gemini

    Gemini ( May 21 - Jun 20 )

    Something small could start to build today, and it's affecting your public image more than you ex

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  • Cancer

    Cancer ( Jun 21 - Jul 22 )

    Your ability to connect with others is quite strong now, so reach out to that estranged family me

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  • Leo

    Leo ( Jul 23 - Aug 22 )

    People are freaking out all around you thanks to a bit of news that you don't think is all that i

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  • Virgo

    Virgo ( Aug 23 - Sep 22 )

    You should let go of small-scale projects today. The details could start to blend together until

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  • Libra

    Libra ( Sep 23 - Oct 22 )

    If things aren't going your way, try to take a step back from the action and enjoy life's little

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  • Scorpio

    Scorpio ( Oct 23 - Nov 21 )

    You feel younger and more playful today, so have fun with whatever comes your way. It's a good ti

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  • Sagittarius

    Sagittarius ( Nov 22 - Dec 21 )

    Try to think more carefully about what is needed today. You might be able to get away with some p

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  • Capricorn

    Capricorn ( Dec 22 - Jan 19 )

    Someone close needs your help, and you should find it easier than usual to come to the rescue. In

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  • Aquarius

    Aquarius ( Jan 20 - Feb 18 )

    Sharing is caring! You should find it easier to deal with collaborative projects or plans now. Se

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  • Pisces

    Pisces ( Feb 19 - Mar 20 )

    Reach out to someone new today. You've got to make new connections, and it's easier than ever for

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